Installation Instructions

Seat Covers

Our stock seat covers for the Triumph Thruxton and Ducati Scrambler ship to you as a perfectly fitted leather seat cover only. You will have to remove the old cover and replace it. We recommend contacting a local upholstery shop to do this. Doing it yourself isn’t hard if you follow these steps. You’ll just need a few tools. Most important is a compressed-air staple gun with 1/2″ (12mm) crown fine wire staples. A household or hobby staple gun doesn’t have enough oomph.

I. Remove the old seat cover

  1. Remove the seat. Use a flat-head screwdriver.
  2. Remove the seatcover by taking out all the staples. Pliers and a flat-head screwdriver should do it.

II. Fit the new seat cover

  1. Find the center line of your seat and  mark the front and rear center.
  2. Line up the marks on your new seat cover with those on your seat.
  3. Pull the seat cover taught from the ends, but don’t stretch it.
  4. Gently roll the leather around the bottom edge of the seat. Don’t pull. The elastic band should be just out of sight from the outside of the seat.

III. Attach your new seat cover

  1. Staples should go through the elastic band only, not through the leather.
  2. Don’t force or stretch anything, You will get a nice snug fit by working methodically around the seat.
  3. Start at the front. Put two staples at the front center. (12 O’clock)
  4. Pull taught, but don’t stretch the seat cover and put two staples at the rear center. (6 O’clock)
  5. Now put 2 staples on each side about halfway down the seat. The best place is on the down-slope from the highest point of the seat. (Call these 3 and 9 O’clock)
  6. With the front of the seat at 12 O’clock put 2 staples at 1:30, then 7:30, then 4:30, then 10:30.
  7. Now back to 12 O’clock and work your way clockwise around the seat.
  8. Use a lot of staples to prevent stretching and shrinking. We put them less than 1/4 ” (6mm) apart.
  9. Treat with Larson’s Leather Conditioner and re-mount your seat.
  10. Go for a ride and tag us on Instagram!

Tank Pads

Both our Classic and Modern style tank pads will mount to any clean gas tank. No tools required other than adhesive remover, some cleaner and some rags. We like 3M Adhesive remover, Goof Off works well too. You can use denatured alcohol, but don’t use paint thinner or lacquer thinner. We use Windex to wipe down the tank and clean up the adhesive remover, plain water works here too.

II. Remove the old tank pads

  1. Don’t use any tools. Just your fingertips
  2. Start in an upper corner and pull pad away
  3. Work around the edges and remove pad
  4. Remove any glue residue with 3M Adhesive Remover.

II. Fit your new tank pads

  1. Clean tank with Windex or soap and water.
  2. Use the PDF template to mark where you want the pad. Use a grease pencil or crayon.
    1. We put the back edge about 2 fingers-width from the rear of the tank.
    2. We put the bottom edge about 1 finger-width from the bottom
  3. Stick the pad in place.
  4. Apply a lot of pressure to the pad, all over it. The adhesive backing needs pressure to bond properly. We sit on the bike an use our thumbs to press really hard all over the pad to make it stick well.
  5. Use a high quality leather conditioner like Larson’s to keep your tank pads looking great.

III. Enjoy

  1. Go for a ride and tag us on Instagram!


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